About Us

Kids Decisions is the voice to empower growing minds with social and emotional competencies in and out of school. Centering on the idea of social-emotional learning, our Alexa Kids Decisions skill aims to support, model and cultivate self-awareness, self-control as well as interpersonal and social empathy in children not just as part of their education but for life and beyond.

The vessel of social interactions is known to be the grooming ground for kids, influencing both their conscious and unconscious emotions, thereby molding them to act and learn in differing ways. Kids Decisions is a product in line reflecting the promising aspects of voice technology mingled with the existing educational approaches to upraise assimilation of social and emotional skills in kids. Our voice skill that which shall serve as a significant supplement is sure to aid in addressing specific challenges lingering in in the SEL realm of education, namely effective embedding of SEL skills, transference of learned skills into real-life context, improving emotional intelligence, stimulating cognitive and emotional imbibing of skills, promoting and encouraging emotional awareness and reflection by creating engaging sessions for practice.

Kids Decisions is grounded in the vision to bridge the challenging joints of education and learning while rendering support in the development of a positive learning space primarily directed towards encouraging and motivating a responsible decision making perspective in ages ranging from elementary to middle childhood. Kids Decisions being a child-friendly skill is more of a go-to friend donning a solver-mentor figure who leads kids in the decision making pathway leaving positive impressions on their conscientious grounds. Kids Decisions warmly animates VOGO Voices’s vision for kids harbors the essence mirroring the power of love, kindness, and compassion.

Carefully designed on the 24 character strengths, Kids Decisions presents short storylines that reflect real-life scenarios by creating a simulated environment for the kids to practice. The key intent here being to drive vicarious learning as kids internalize, subconsciously process and understand how to make sensible choices and think rationally, as we know children encounter diverse conflicting occasions, most of which trigger negative emotions and radically influence their behavior; much of which are prone to happen while they are in the playground, lunchroom, hallway or just about anywhere. 

VOGO Voice sees the Amazon Alexa EdTech Challenge as a fruitful collaboration that can seed experiential learning among children both within the educational domain as well as outside the everyday classroom setting. The formative functional base for social and emotional interactions is known to be derived from procedural knowledge, that being so Kids Decisions has been iteratively designed to strengthen the procedural basis of knowledge by offering relevant cues that the learner can potentially pick up on while facing problematic situations.

Kids Decisions can be that friendly addition to different instructional modalities that yearns to open students to experience situations and grasp perspectives which they would not have access to otherwise. The void where the scaffold of teachers and parents can’t be extended, that’s where our smart speaker skill drawing on an experiential approach can help students to manage their own impulses, develop reflective abilities and make respectful choices by opening their minds to a more self-evaluative stance.

Encouraging children an internal reflection of their own emotions alongside acquiring a better perception of others’ behavior will help them develop positive and empathic communication in any given situation. Wherever they are, they are on their own when it comes to making a critical choice no matter how least the gravity of that choice is, it is critical in their mind as they confront it in the seat of emotions. 

Kids Decisions is a viable approach aiming to enhance social-emotional learning abilities, develop relationship skills and reinforce a sense of self-awareness among kids. Developed on a comprehensive approach that integrates affective, cognitive and behavioral dimensions, Kids Decisions aspires to inspire, augment, accelerate and be a complement to the educational structure involved in the engagement and embedding practice of SEL skills requisite for students’ healthy development.